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Though it was first released on september 21st, Skt NURCaptcha Plugin for WordPress has now reached it’s version 2.4 which gives you support for user registration in WPMU (Multisites) and in BuddyPress.
WordPress for Network, aka Multisites, introduces some changes in the registration process which allow user to create a new blog on the network. The registration functions are declared at . BuddyPress is a special kind of plugin, as it introduces many changes to the internal structure of WordPress. BP registration routines are present at and they differ a lot from those of the regular WP installation.
It’s hard for a plugin to do a good job when so many changes cross his way. In fact, when we compare those routines, we see a jungle of non-standardized changes. The hooks are not the same and even field names on the registration form are different. See, as an example, the “username” field. In standalone WordPress this field is called “user_login”, but if you reconfigure your installation to allow Multisites, this field’s name becomes “user_name”. If you install BuddyPress plugin, however, this same field changes it’s name to “signup_username”.
Nevertheless, when we have a clear goal in sight and a lot of enthusiasm in heart, no bad times come across our road to a brand new version of Skt NURCaptcha. So, enjoy it as we keep one eye on further improvements.
Commentaries and suggestions are very welcome to help improving this plugin, as it is meant to protect your site the best way possible, at that “user registration” door.