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NURCaptcha stands for New User Register CaptchaSkt NURCaptcha WP Plugin was conceived as a simple solution to a problem I faced with some time ago.

I had decided to change preferences in a WordPress powered site so to allow people to freely register as new subscribers. But as soon as this was done, a lot of bot intruders came in and in a blink the site’s pages were infected by some russian (.ru) malware. Then I digged around for some plugin to give me some security on that wide open gate of my site.

That is how the reCaptcha shows up at your Register Page

As I have not found any plugin fit to solve that simple problem, I decided to build one by myself. That is how Skt NURCaptcha WP Plugin came to being.

Skt NURCaptcha WP Plugin is called to action by the “login_form_register” hook. Then a call is made to a Google’s reCaptcha form which is inserted into the WP native register form. To know more about reCaptcha Safety, go here. If someone wants to register to that site correct responses to the Captcha challenge must be filled in.

It’s a simple idea and a good solution to stop bots attacks. And it’s free also! All you need is to have the plugin properly installed and activated in your WP site, and then you go to Create a reCaptcha Key to create a pair of free criptographic keys to enable the plugin.

Simple, Safe and efficient!